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Couples Therapy

It can happen to any of us.


In our relationships, we can find ourselves in a painful place where there is distance, disconnection, and a feeling of being emotionally unsafe.


We all know how difficult it is to be our best, most loving selves when we get to that place. Without help, we may find ourselves getting caught in perpetual patterns with our partner that make us feel stuck, alone, dissatisfied, and anxious or depressed. 


I work with couples to help them find safety with each other so they can have the conversations that have repeatedly been derailed. I can help couples get to a place where they can risk being vulnerable with each other so that empathy and compassion can return or begin to develop. This engenders the feelings of closeness, comfort, and warmth that we all long for. We will work together to make room for the possibility of transforming your connection so that you can access the love that has become clouded by conflict and difficulty.    

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